Although I only spent my Junior and Senior years at Rensselaer (1948-1949) it was exactly what I needed scholastically speaking. I had transferred there from the Naval Academy when I had to leave because of an eyesight problem. Before R.P.I., I had breezed through all tests and exams because I could memorize anything, so you can imagine the shock to my study habits when our Professor said, “We’ll have an open book test; bring your textbook and notes and anything else you need.” I thought, “How do I study for this?” It inspired me to realize I would have to do some creative thinking.

It was that creative thinking that carried me through Aeronautical Engineering design work for 32 years with Glenn L. Martin- now Lockheed Martin in the Advance Design Department writing successful proposals for new business and receiving five patents. All our work was solving new problems never attempted before from missiles that flew at Mach 10 in the atmosphere to missile launching systems now used by most of our allies fleets.

— Seth B. Moorhead, R.P.I.’49