My Rensselaer education catapulted me from a high school of 35 seniors into an environment where I gained a much greater perspective on the world and rapidly learned to “swim in a much bigger pool.” As a Navy “regular” scholarship student only RPI offered the Navy ROTC from among the colleges accepting me, so my choice was made.. I came to campus without even visiting it. And I never looked back. It was a wonderful, and mind blowing, experience from the beginning. Because of extensive high school activities, I decided to become very active on campus and found that helped me become reasonably well-known and better “rounded” over my four years there. Since the arrival of President Jackson there has been positive emphasis on producing well-rounded graduates and that is important to me. Back in the late 50s, RPI did not focus on producing graduates with liberal arts experience as well as technical experience. My campus activities back then helped me. Today, it’s built into the curriculum. There are two reasons why I support RPI: the quality of the education it provides, and its ability to produce graduates who can think and solve problems in the real world. RPI did a lot for me when I was a student, and I want to see it continue to do that for today’s students.