I started my career as a mechancial engineer when I graduated RPI in 1974. After 9 years of practice I entered the sales development program at the old Digital Equipment Corporation on the recommendation of a friend and it changed my life forever. I now have my own sales training and coaching practice since 2004 and I enjoy helping sales leaders and their teams improve their sales skills to support their customers. I love to present and speak and the National Speakers Association of North Texas has been a huge impact on my speaking and training career. It all started with my education at RPI and the discipline they instill in their students to achieve excellence. Thank you RPI!

RPI has given me excellent problem solving skills that I was able to use in my career. As I transitioned to technical sales, it helped to give me a pragmatic approach to supporting my customers with the right technical solutions for their business needs.
My hope for RPI students is that the embrace their education and are not afraid to take risks in their career to better society. Every great company like Apple and HP have taken risks to develop new products and services to better society.